one eyed one horned flying purple choir singer (peaceofpie) wrote,
one eyed one horned flying purple choir singer

This is how it goes:

We train our brains to interact like that.
We believe the internet to be unreal space, that the world outside our computers isn't "real". So what we're doing on the computer is not "real", and therefore doesn't "count" the same way as if we did it in the "real world".
All the while, spending more and more time interacting in "unreal world" ways.
Our brains are body parts. They are not computers. Our brains are made of meat. They don't come with warranties.
You can't call up tech support when your brain isn't working the way you expect it to, and demand excellent customer service or get a freebie coupon if the guy on the other end had a bad day and says something you didn't like and you complain to his manager.
We train our brains to screw each other all day long,
to defy reality
to paint the world like a big fake playground imaginary happy land, where we can systematically eliminate people who don't annoy us by blocking them from our friends lists and banning them from our chat rooms and tweaking your settings so their misspelled YouTube comments don't show up on your screen, at all, ever,
but it doesn't count
because the internet is not real, so we aren't really doing it.

We are screwing ourselves.

This is just a taste of how badly we are screwing ourselves.

Does anyone see a way out?
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